School Transitions

Here is a short overview of what the transition process will look like.

However, each child has different needs so there could be some alternative arrangements made depending on the best situation for the child. The team will work with you and the school to ensure that the child is well looked after once care has been taken over by the school.

Winter Prior to School Entry

During this time it is important that the child is registered for kindergarten. Parents are asked to inform their CS about any orientation and/or appointments with the school so that a team member can attend.

Spring Prior to School Entry

Your Clinical Supervisor will begin to collect information for the transition. This includes:

Parents are encouraged to attend these meetings that way everyone is on the same page regarding the needs of the child.

Summer Prior to School Entry

The clinical team will begin the AIS Off to School program with your child or an alternative depending on where you live.  During this program children are exposed to group instruction and any potential issues that could come up are addressed. At the end of August, the CS will finalize details with the school.


Slowly the school will take over responsibility for the child, and there will be fewer and fewer meetings between the child and the clinical team. Final recommendations will be made to the school regarding the child and their learning history.