Our Team

Danielle Pelletier


“Ten years ago when I started this program, I did so because I wanted the children of New-Brunswick to have the best services possible. My goal has always been to provide families with a program that surpassed National Standards. This program is not only about providing hours of intervention; it is about providing quality intervention and making every teaching moment count”.

A career as a Speech-Language Pathologist flourished into opening Autism Intervention Services in Fredericton in 2006. Since then, Danielle has been growing her program at a fast rate due to the high-quality intervention she offers. During this time, she has become a Board-Certified Behaviour Analyst, supervised by the Lovaas Midwest Institute. In 2015, Danielle became a member of the Wallace McCain Institute and has successfully completed the program, which has had major benefits for both personal and workplace development. As a leader in the field of Autism treatment services, the reputation that Danielle has built continues to shine through the work and programs she provides. She maintains high quality intervention that is grounded in best practices; which includes offering and organizing training programs and workshops. Danielle’s calm and compassionate demeanour, and her respect for children and their family set an example for all employees.

Cindy Trebble

VP of Administration

In 1996, Cindy graduated from the Dalhousie University School of Occupational Therapy. Before she became a member of the AIS team, Cindy primarily worked with preschool aged children with neuro-developmental challenges. When she joined the AIS team, her role has developed from working with children and families to being responsible for the staff as well. Her role as Human Resources Coordinator has blossomed into the position of VP of Administration where she works avidly to maintain the wellness of the rest of the AIS team members. In 2015, Cindy completed the Second in Command Program offered by the Wallace McCain Institute. Cindy’s positive personality and energy is contagious. She is responsible for all administrative procedures throughout the province.

Janet Mitton

VP of Clinical Services

Upon the completion of her Masters in Science in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Vermont in 1992, Janet had been working as a Speech-Language Pathologist in the school and hospital systems in the Fredericton area. Joining the AIS team eleven years ago, Janet has been working diligently to maintain the high quality services that AIS provides as well as obtaining further schooling, becoming a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst in 2014. Janet also received coaching and mentoring from the Lovaas Institute Midwest and was a key person in adapting their practices to meet the needs of clients in our province. On top of her VP of Clinical Services duties, Janet will be acting as program director in Moncton; responsible for clients from the following school districts: DSF-S and ASD-SE. Janet is known for her extensive expertise in autism spectrum disorder. She will be responsible for the clinical practices throughout the province.

Juliana McLean

Regional Program Director Saint John/Sussex/Charlotte County

Juliana has worked with children with special needs for nearly fifteen years. Ten of those years have been with AIS. While completing her Bachelor of Arts at Dalhousie University, she served as a volunteer with the Attention Deficit Association of Nova Scotia. In 2013, Juliana completed a Master of Science in Applied Behaviour Analysis and Autism and became a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst. Juliana serves as the treasurer on the board executive of the Atlantic Provinces Association for Behaviour Analysis. Juliana’s extensive clinical knowledge and high level of organization will be an asset for the Saint John’s area families. Juliana is the regional director for the regions covered by ASD-S, including Sussex. She is also responsible for francophone clients in the Saint-John area (DSF-S).

Nicole Jenkins

Fredericton Regional Program Director

Born and raised in Fredericton, Nicole has been working with AIS since its commencement eleven years ago, working from the start as the right arm of the CEO. Following her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of New Brunswick with joint honours in Psychology and Linguistics, Nicole completed a Masters of Health Sciences degree in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Toronto. Nicole’s extensive clinical knowledge and calm and soft demeanor is appreciated be all. Nicole is the regional director for the regions covered by ASD-W including the northern area of this school district. She is also responsible for francophone clients who reside in the Fredericton/Oromocto area (DSF-S).

Ashley Kingston

Regional Consultant for Bathurst/Edmundston

Ashley has been a member of the AIS team since May 2009. Ashley started working at AIS as a Behavior Interventionist and was quickly promoted to the position of Clinical Supervisor. Fluent in both French and English, she has a Masters of Education with a specialization in ABA from Arizona State University. Along with her degree, Ashley is a Board-Certified Behaviour Analyst. Ashley is a very positive communicator and presents with strong clinical and organizational skills. During the next six months, she will consult with the following school districts to implement the new standards: DSF-NO, DSF-NE. She will spend most of her time working in the Campbellton and Tracadie area, as well as in the Edmunston area.

Joe Ann Kent

Regional Consultant for Bathurst/Miramichi

Joe Ann has been a member of the AIS team since 2006, and has been involved with Autism support work since 2004. In 1998, Joe Ann graduated from the Culinary Institute of Canada in Prince Edward Island with honours in the Pastry Arts Program. She worked as an Assistant Pastry Chef for four years before going back to school. In 2005 she graduated from the University of New Brunswick with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Over the next three years, Joe Ann attended the College of Extended Learning and obtained certificates in: Autism Support Worker, Autism Intervention Training Behaviour Management, and Clinical Supervisor with Proficiency. Graduating with a Masters in Education from the University of New Brunswick in 2010, Joe Ann is committed to expanding her knowledge in the field to be better able to support the families who walk through the doors of AIS. Everyone will appreciate Joe Ann’s bubbly and positive personality. She will be responsible to consult with the ASD-N School District on implementing the new standards. She will spend most of her time working with the Miramichi and Bathurst team.

Sébastien Lagacé

Regional Program Director for Beresford/Miramichi/Campbellton/Caraquet

Sébastien joined the AIS team in February 2017 as a Behavioural Consultant in the Moncton office. Having both Undergraduate and Masters degrees in Psychology, he has a strong foundation in applied behavioural analysis. Working as a behavioural interventionist and behavioural consultant provides him with a well-rounded understanding of all positions within the company. Known for his strong leadership capabilities and enthusiastic personality, Sébastien offers a positive presence to the management team. He is the regional program director for the ASD-N and DSF-NE school districts.

Brigittte Bouffard

Regional program director for the Francophone South School District for the greater Moncton area

Brigitte graduated from the University of New Brunswick in 1993 with a double major in psychology and linguistics. She then went on to pursue her education at McGill University and graduated with a Master of Science Degree in Speech-Language Pathology in 1995. Since then, Brigitte has been working with preschool and school-aged children to help them improve their communication and language skills. Over the years, she developed a marked interest in autism and has been working specifically with children with autism spectrum disorders for the past 15 years. Since 2011, she has been working as a Clinical Supervisor and has become a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst.
Brigitte, fluent in both French and English, is committed to expanding her knowledge in the field to better support families and staff that she works with. Her dedication, support, professionalism and clinical knowledge make her well respected by families and her peers.

Melissa MacDonald

Regional director in Moncton for clients in ASD-E and for clients in the Rexton area of ASD-N

Melissa has a Master’s Degree in Applied Disability Studies (with a specialization in Applied Behaviour Analysis) from Brock University. She has been a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) since 2011. Originally from PEI, Melissa has gained a variety of clinical experiences as a Clinical Supervisor and Clinical Coordinator for early autism intervention services in programs on the East Coast and in northern and southern Ontario. She has experience training and managing staff, supervising BCBA candidates (in vivo and remotely), and networking and collaborating with community professionals, teachers, researchers, and families. Her research and applied interests include parent and staff training, staff retention, functional communication and denial/delay tolerance training, as well mand training. Melissa is currently the Secretary of the Atlantic Provinces Association for Behaviour Analysis (APABA).