It is important to us that all of our techniques are based on evidence.

This type of intervention bases services on an applied behavioural analysis approach. The core aspects of this intervention are:

Parents will be provided with written progress as well as parent training in the form of coaching and modeling. An intervention team will include a Clinical Supervisor (CS), a Behaviour Consultant (BC) and Behaviour Interventionists (BI). These people will work on creating the best opportunities for the child and provide them with the best intervention possible during their sessions. Here is a brief description of their roles:

Clinical supervisor (CS)

A clinical supervisor has a Masters degree in a related field and is responsible for overseeing a child’s program. The CS leads the team.

Behaviour consultant (BC)

A behaviour consultant has a Bachelor degree and shares the programming and monitoring responsibilities with the clinical supervisor (CS). The CS oversees the work of the BC.

Behaviour interventionist (BI)

A behaviour interventionist is the frontline staff member who works with the child directly. The BI is responsible for working on the goals set by the team.