March 15, 2020


15 Mars 2020

Dear parents and AIS employees

I am writing this memo to provide you with the latest precautions related to COVID-19. I am aware that you are all looking for answers and guidance during this period of unprecedented uncertainty.

The Department of Education and Early Childhood has provided AIS with guidelines on how to manage client services. At the moment, the recommendation is that AIS remain open and continue to offer services to clients. Any employee or client who have traveled internationally and returned after March 9, 2020 must self-isolate for 14 days. This is the latest recommendation from Public Health.

Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions. Please read them carefully and contact your Regional Director or Human Resources Coordinator should you have any questions or concerns.

I want to reassure you that AIS will find a way to compensate employees who are impacted by COVID-19. Each situation will be addressed individually and a solution will be found. I also want to reassure you that our organization will work with you at finding work accommodations that will make you feel safe and supported.

We will post updates on our website as they become available and will send emails to families and clients.

Danielle Pelletier, MOA, SLP, BCBA


Information for Employees and Clients – March 15, 2020

Q: I was out of Canada and returned on or after March 9.

A: You need to self-isolate for 14 days.


Q: I travelled outside Canada. I have headache, congestion, achiness, feel unwell.

A: Separate yourself from others and stay home to monitor.


Q: My symptoms got worse. Now I also have fever and cough.

A: Call the 811 line. They will ask questions and tell you what you should do. Follow the 811 directions about getting tested and isolating yourself if they identify a COVID-19 concern. Stay home if you present with a regular flu as you would do any other time.


Q: I didn’t travel recently but I do have the symptoms of cold or flu.

R: Treat as usual, take sick time if you are sick, monitor yourself. If symptoms progress, call 811 and follow their direction.


Q: My client and/or his parents have traveled outside of Canada and present no symptoms.

 A: Services will be cancelled for 14 days.


Q: My client has not traveled outside of Canada but presents with a cold.

A: Observe our usual guidelines regarding canceling services due to illness.


Q: I work for AIS, my children are out of school and I have no childcare.

A: Employees should attempt to find alternate childcare in order to honor their work commitment. Employees who are not able to report to work need to contact their regional human resource coordinator to develop a plan. We understand that employees have to prioritize the care of their own families during these unexpected circumstances. We recommend that you avoid asking older individuals to care for your children.


Q: The childcare facility where I work is closed.

A: Your clinical supervisor will contact your family to attempt to find an alternate location where services can be delivered. Should this be impossible, services will be canceled.


Q: Will I be paid if services are cancelled or if I am unable to work?

A: AIS is currently in discussions with the Department of Education and Early Childhood to determine their position on compensating staff in these circumstances. It is very important for us to be able to support employees and clients during these challenging times. We ask that you remain calm as we will find a solution.