August 4, 2017

Guidelines for school transitions.


School transitions are coming up quickly!  What an exciting, yet, anxiety provoking time for all of our families.


Below are guidelines that AIS follows when scheduling transition activities for our clients:


The Clinical Supervisor and Behavior Consultants are responsible for the transition activities.  They will communicate all recommendations and strategies to the school team, including the classroom teacher and the Methods’ and Resource Teacher.


The BI is responsible to support the child while the child enters school.  The BIs presence will be faded over the month of September to allow the school team to gradually take over responsibility for the child’s needs.  AIS usually schedules a BI for 2-5 days in a row, followed by one day where the BI is not present.  This allows the school team to practice the skills that have been demonstrated and to identify where they need support. Should a child have difficulty, the Clinical Supervisor and/or Behavior Consultant will work with the school team to develop a plan. Transitions schedules can be adjusted should a child demonstrate needs that were not expected.


AIS recognizes that school transition are a big step in a child’s and family’s life.  Our employees place a lot of importance on ensuring that school transition activities result in a positive experience for children and their families and for the school team. Collaboration and clear communication is the key to success!


“Every Milestone is a Celebration”